About Us

Midnight Sun Computing, LLC provides HIPAA 5010 270/271 batch processing of eligibility data to PA Promise.

- provide affordable, simple and functional solutions that satisfy the needs of our clients.

Approach to problem solving

Listen to the users.  Agences include counties,community mental health centers, drug and alcohol and hospitals.  

At this point, a suite of reports designed to answer questions for staff within the agences has been the solution.

Reports include

  • client centered reports: Who has changed?  What is the eligibility of clients on a caseworkers caseload,in a program or at a location.
  • reports about service: eligibility for a given date range of appointments, services, or at admission.

Company Profile

Staff:  Suzanne C. Nuss, Ph. D. 

Tools:  DelphiXE2™ (32 or 64 bit)  

Strengths: Discerning and solving the problem of the agency and using software design and training to ensure the solution is useable by the agency staff

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Midnight Sun Computing

736 North Avenue # 6
Pittsburgh PA 15221
Telephone: (412) 310-5265
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